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Presented in Partnership with the Latin American Art Pavilion

The Pompano Beach Cultural Center is proud to announce its inaugural exhibit, Shipwrecked of Reason: Half a Century in Cuban Art, a world premiere collection of work from the top twenty Cuban contemporary artists. This exhibit is curated by the internationally renowned, Isabel María Pérez Pérez and is presented in partnership with the Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP). The exhibit will be on display through late August.   Gallery Hours 10 AM – 6 PM. To schedule a tour please call 954-839-9578.

“Bringing the finest cultural offerings to Pompano Beach is the mission of this center,” said Alyona Ushe, President and CEO of The Creatives, the organization that manages and programs the venue. “This Cuban exhibit exemplifies our pursuit of excellence. We are honored to have been selected to showcase this collection, and we are very grateful for the artistic guidance of Ms. Pérez and Maria Napoles, from the Latin American Art Pavilion.”

Isabel María Pérez Pérez is the Chief Curator Editora Ejecutiva del sello ArteCubano. She is at the forefront of the contemporary Cuban art movement, involved in projects such as the mega-exhibit Zona Franca (Free Zone), one of the collateral exhibitions of the 2015 edition of the Havana Biennial. Acclaimed as artistic global force, curating exhibits world-wide, her views on contemporary Cuban art are revered in the artistic community and amongst collectors. During her visit to Pompano Beach, Ms. Pérez Pérez, will present a host of workshops at various cultural institutions throughout the City.

“Through an amazing collaboration with Latin American Art Pavilion, we are honored to host a visual art collection that pays homage to some of Cuba’s most influential visual arts innovators,” said Byron Swart, Curator of the Cultural Center. “Ms. Pérez Pérez selection for Shipwrecked of Reason reflects a myriad of styles and influences that are truly representational of the island’s rich mélange of cultures. Her symposiums should not missed by art collectors and artists who want to hear from this leading authority.” 

From the multiple visions of twenty artists, this exhibit seeks to present a condensed multigenerational mapping of pivotal moments over the last 50 years in the plastic evolution of the island. This vision is marked by the consensus and the coexistence of these creative agents who have the most diverse artistic talents and perspectives. Each artwork deals specifically with themes such as memory, identity, body and portrait, territory and landscape, and the construction of history.

The exhibit will highlight a collective of the following artists: Lidzie Alvisa, Nadal Antelmo,  Abel Barroso,  Roberto Fabelo,  Roberto Diago,  Humberto Díaz, José Manuel Fors, Aimée García, Alberto Lescay, Liudmila & Nelson (Nelson Ramírez de Arellano and Liudmila Velasco), Meira & Toirac (Meira Marrero and José Ángel Toirac), Rigoberto Mena, Manuel Mendive, Michel Mirabal, Ibrahim Miranda,  Pedro Pablo Oliva,  René Peña,  Sandra Ramos, Eduardo Roca Salazar / Choco,  Lázaro Saavedra. The collective dynamics of these artists and their work epitomize the idea of change.

“This is the first time these Cuban artists have ever shown together as a collective,” explained Napoles, who established the LAAP to address the local communities’ need to establish a platform where Latin American artists can collectively showcase their artwork. “We are honored that Ms. Pérez Pérez created this exhibit for us, and that she will be here to celebrate the opening of this splendid new cultural center.”

The Pompano Beach Cultural Center is located at 50 West Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach.



Roberto Fabelo

Roberto Diago

Manuel Mendive

José Manuel Fors

Iván Capote

Sandra Ramos

Ibrahim Miranda

Liudmila & Nelson (Nelson Ramírez de Arellano y Liudmila Velasco)

Abel Barroso

Nadal Antelmo

Aimée García

René Peña

Humberto Díaz

Michel Mirabal

Eduardo Roca Salazar / Choco

Lázaro Saavedra

Rigoberto Mena

Pedro Pablo Oliva

Meira & Toirac (Meira Marrero y José Ángel Toirac)

Mabel Poblet


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