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March 8th – ArtPOP! Pompano Beach Cultural Center Hosts Free Night of Art, Music, Poetry and Dance

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ArtPOP! Celebrates Female Powerhouses

What: ArtPOP! Phenomenal Women
When: March 8th – 7:30pm – 10pm, FREE
Including No Constraints to Beauty Art Exhibit, March 1-March 30, FREE  – Artist meet-n-greet, with LIVE MUSIC March 22nd

In celebration of National Women’s Month, the Pompano Beach Cultural Center is bringing back one of the area’s most exciting events, ArtPOP! This event’s theme, Phenomenal Women, will celebrate female powerhouses with an evening of free entertainment including live chalk art, an art war between top female artists, dance installations, digital projections, live bands, food trucks and tours of our newest exhibit, ‘no constraints to beauty.”

“We are thrilled to be creating another ArtPOP!,” said curator Byron Swart. “These phenomenal events celebrate the electric excitement that happens when diverse forms of expression collide. With March being National Women’s Month, we are honored to be showcasing an array of fierce and fabulous women!”

The outdoor courtyard of the center will be transformed into an interactive playground featuring CHALKart! hosted by Carrie Bennett and introducing Lester Mendoza and Gabriella Guerriero; lighting and digital design productions by Zebedee Productions; live art by a Pompano Beach favorite, Todd the Painter; homemade art vendors, food trucks, and the return of artWar! This popular art battle will feature a competition between Kelcie McQuaid and contenders, Stacy CoonFABSSarah HaungFlorencia de Grandprey and Luis Daniel Pedroza.

Inside the Center’s theater, guests will enjoy live musical performances by Starve Marv, Free Dystopia Dyna Edyne along with a play preview from Curtain Call Playhouse and more.

The Center’s gallery will become a grand focal point with the introduction of the newest exhibit, ‘no constraints to beauty,’ bringing attention to the fact that females comprise 51% of the worlds visual artists.  The exhibit will feature all female artists including  Carrie Bennett, Mimi Botscheller, Leah Brown, Karla Caprali, Sheila Fraga, Janet Gold, Marvel, Kelcie McQuaid. Aimee Perez, Lori Pratico, Aquarela Sabol, Beatriz Sala Santacana, Heather Sisk & Hilda Vidal. Patrons will be privileged to have an audience with these artists on March 22nd from 7pm to 9pm, which will also include live music.

“This exhibit recognizes the diverse and historic accomplishments of women throughout history,” explained Swart. “As our global society revels in learning about all manner of female history-makers, our exhibit focuses on what has inspired our visual arts innovators—a group of women from different backgrounds who unite to champion women’s role in the visual arts and society.”

Artists Bios: “no constraints to beauty”

Mimi Botscheller

Botscheller is an artist and educator who has resided and worked in Broward County since 1973. Her paintings combining Eastern and Western ideologies and multiple points of view have been widely shown, both nationally and internationally.  The work has regionally been featured in numerous gallery exhibitions and museum competitions from Miami to Palm Beach.  Botscheller has also worked in Public Art as a recipient of the Duane Hanson Allied Artist to assist in the Pompano Beach Streetscape project.  Her commissioned installation located in Terminal 19 in Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale has been incorporated into the redesign of the terminal.  Other notable achievements include winning the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship, being selected as a semi-finalist for the airport video installation project.  She currently has an installation of paintings, digital work and sculpture in the Surrealism Room of the Young at Art Museum in Davie, Florida.In 2003 Botscheller, was awarded a full tuition scholarship and in 2004 received an MFA in Visual Arts from Miami International University of Art and Design.  She returned to MIU in 2010 to pursue 21 masters credits in Graphic Design with a concentration in digital and motion art. Those studies were completed in June 2011. Recognition for her digital photography, motion art, and hybrid media collage work has been developing. Botscheller’s photoshop narratives have been purchased by photography collector Robert Lewis (Denver, CO) and the Biba Gallery in Palm Beach.  Prints from her new body of work were selected for exhibition in SoHo Photo Gallery, NYC in the Professional Woman’s Photography show Contrasts.  In addition to her digital work Mimi’s motion experiment The Reinventor, was selected as a semi-finalist in the category; Innovation in Motion and Video in Education for the 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.   Botscheller retired from teaching in 2013 to work as a full-time artist and art advisor.

Leah Brown

 Brown is a visual artist, curator, and arts professional living in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She received her BFA with honors in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2004 and her MFA in sculpture from the University of Miami in 2014. Brown’s studio practice is the visual investigation of a resolution between waking and dreaming states that result in a third narrative: a continuing, cross-dream storyline that is both outcome and inspiration.  Her artwork ranges from immersive installation and life-sized figurative sculptures to intricately detailed works in cut paper and her own hair.  Brown lectures about her work as artist and curator and she gives interviews on television and in print, including WPBT2’s Art Loft, Vice’s “Creators Project”, Venice Magazine, Fort Lauderdale Magazine, Irreversible Magazine, Broward and Miami New Times and the Broward Sun Sentinel. She completed a year-long artist residency at Hub-Bub in Spartanburg SC 2006-2007, received a 2013 South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship, exhibited the solo museum show, “Transformation of Echo” (2015-2016) at the Young At Art Museum in Davie, FL, and is in permanent collections including the Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz’ Girl’s Club Collection.  Brown collaborates with her husband, artist Peter Symons, and FATVillage developer/CEO, Doug McCraw as part of the public art company, Art+Light+Space.

Karla Caprali

Caprali was born in a northern city in Brazil, called Belem, which is the capital of the state of Para, very known for being an exotic portal of the Amazon.  Caprali was tutored by experienced artists from age 10 until the age of 18 when she attended Sao Paulo University. I came to the United States and soon became a citizen. I have been living in Miami for the past 16 years teaching art and working full time as an artist. I live together with my three daughters, my husband, and my miniature white schnauzer Shinubi.

Sheila Fraga

Fraga is a Cuban- born artist based in Miami. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro in1999.  Her painting and drawing is focused on the female figure and personal life. Fraga’s work can be found in permanent collections at St.Paul Episcopal Cathedral, Italy, The University of Aveiro, Portugal, and Sacramento Contemporary Art Gallery, and Natural Historic Museum of Old Havana, Cuba.  She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Cuba, Portugal, USA, Italy, and Spain. Along with events such as Art Takes Miami and Scope Art. Fraga has also done artwork for magazines such as the cover of La Voz magazine, May 2016 edition, Hudson, NY.

 Janet Gold

Gold born in Detroit MI, is known mainly as the creator of small, serene canvases that are almost like miniature color-field paintings. She also reveals herself to be a habitué of the flea market and the thrift store as well, a collector of found objects that make their way into uncluttered, meticulously assembled collages with evocative titles.  Gold works to integrate incongruous images, placing the papers together to set up a sense of fluid motion within the piece.  Gold follows the bold and elegant tradition of collage/assemblage in her award-winning small scale vintage book cover collages, which celebrate a soft, distinctive idiosyncratic approach to simple, intimate compositions. Taking a cue perhaps from Kurt Schwitters and Picasso, with a sprinkling of texture and polka dot patterns reminiscent of Robert Rauschenberg, Gold seems to know instinctively how to artfully lay down layers of vintage paper that celebrate and recall another time and place.

Kelcie McQuaid

Kelcie McQuaid’s paintings are inspired by feminine energy, vulnerability, strength, and the woman’s struggle to find a place in society. Her concepts are derived from selective and blurred memories that define our emotional state. She is largely influenced by relationships from past to present and how people and our relationships can evolve, dissolve or transcend. McQuaid’s art strives to capture how perspectives change over time. As we grow and age, we see things in different context. She uses the layering of paint and other media to express her personal growth and power. Each time she picks up a brush, McQuaid revisits the paintings as a stronger woman and she passes her development on to her works. The result is ethereal pieces that seem to have movement and light of their own. They are emblematic of maturation, like a fogged camera shooting the course of decade.

 Aimee Perez

Aimee Perez was born in Habana Cuba in 1955. She left for the United States when she was twelve with her family through the Freedom Flights and grew up in Miami in Cuban immigrant community. As a young adult she won the Gold Key Award in painting and several honorable mentions as she continued her pursuit of the arts during her college years. In 1989 she moved to Mexico City and continued painting and exhibiting with Cuban and Mexican artist. In 1997 she was invited to participate as a guest artist in the studio of Mexican sculptor Jose Sacal and it is here she begins to work for the first time in 3D with clay. She returned to Miami in 2006 and continued her work winning several awards for her figurative ceramics in the state of Florida. Perez has been praised for her command of gestures making her sculptures expressionistic and powerful which combined with the juxtaposition to found objects creates an organic symbiosis. She says her work is her voice, a dialogue with the observer and simultaneously a self-exploration. Her work can be found in many private collection in the United States and Mexico and in permanent collections including Florida International University Honors College Collection and Huntsville Museum of Art in Alabama.

Lori Pratico

Lori Pratico born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania began her artistic career as a billboard artist when billboards were climbed and painted. Self-taught, this hands-on experience in an industry that required raw talent and plain guts was invaluable and pushed Lori to explore ideas and techniques that were non-traditional and experimental in her artwork.  In 2015 Lori launched a nationwide mural project called Girl Noticed and has created murals in 10 states to date. Hoffman’s Chocolates chose Lori and her project to be part of their ArtBar campaign, featuring her artwork alongside Guy Harvey, Lebo, Federico Uribe and Clyde Butcher on candy bars. Marie Claire Magazine featured the project in their May 2016 issue. Gallery 2014 in Hollywood, FL has represented Lori since 2013. Her name has been added to the American Art Collectors Portrait Artist Directory, and has been featured in Juxtapoz and Professional Artist magazine. Lori is a member of the South Florida Artist Association, and the Portrait Society of America. She believes in giving back to her community. She is the Art Director of the Florida Youth Pride Coalition where she mentors youth age 10-24. and helped facilitate ArtServe’s Eco-Art Therapy program at the Sunset School in Fort Lauderdale, FL, which services children and young adults with emotional and behavioral disabilities. At the Coral Springs Museum of Art, Lori led a team of artists in a groundbreaking program called Kaleidoscope, bringing hands on art activities and a museum experience to local autistic children.

Aquarela Sabol

Aquarela Sabol is a Miami-based fine artist, muralist and overall visual creator. She attended Columbia College Chicago for fine arts in the late 90’s, however she is primarily a self-taught artist. Her preferred medium is oils combined with non-traditional fine art mediums such as spray paint, textiles, reclaimed wood and found objects. Aquarela’s favorite subject matter generally focuses on portraiture and the feminine form with a nod to popular culture, combining design, context and setting to provoke deeper interpretations of each piece.

Beatriz Sala Santacana 

Beatriz Sala Santacana is a self-taught Cuban sculptor, painter and ceramicist born in Havana, in May 1975. Beatriz won the Special Prize of the jury at the 2016 Cuban Contemporary Ceramic Biennial. She is a member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC in Spanish). Here Beatriz gives us an insight into her creative process: “I place my characters in a moment of change, sometimes as a lone figure, sometimes as a group, struggling with their conflicts, choices and differences.”

Hilda Vidal 

Hilda Vidal was born in Havana. She received personal painting classes from the master ,poet and art critic Manuel Vidal who was her sentimental partner l, since 1973 she has performed 32 personal exhibitions, she has participated in 200 collectives in Cuba and abroad. She has held personal exhibitions in Belgium, Argentina and Spain where she will soon make his personal exhibition “An unmentionable Party” at La Despernada Cultural Center in Villanueva de la Cañada Madrid. June 2017
Art Nexus magazine in its number 105 will announce her personal exhibition “An Unmentionable Party”
Her works are in private collections of Cuba, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Russia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile, Belgium, Panama, Argentina, Jamaica, Senegal, Nigeria And Japan.

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