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March 20th – Painted Pompano Unveiling :: Round 2

Fish out of Water!?
City Unveils Round 2 of The Giant Painted Pompano Fish Sculptures Tuesday, March 20th at 10 am

The City of Pompano Beach will be unveiling the twelve painted pompano fish sculptures for the program called “The Painted Pompano: Schools of Art”. This is the second round of the Painted Pompano program. The unveiling will take place at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 20th, at the newly opened Pompano Beach Cultural Center located at 50 West Atlantic Boulevard in Pompano Beach.

The theme for the second round of the Painted Pompano fish sculptures is “schools of art”, reflecting different art history periods. These fish will also be on display on the Pompano Beach Cultural Center courtyard for one month before they are moved to their permanent locations throughout the City.

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